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When you visit the office of Dr. Brian Vance in Milford, Ohio his commitment to providing the most current treatment possible for patients will be apparent.  The comfortable and relaxing environment he and his staff have created is an added bonus to the quality care his patients receive. 

Dr. Vance's proximity to I-275 allows him to serve not only Milford and Loveland, but nearly the entire greater Cincinnati area.  Many of Dr. Vance's patients travel from out-of-state simply because they know they will receive some of the finest care available.

"I regard the trust a patient places in our judgment and clinical expertise to be the highest compliment possible
-Brian D. Vance, DDS

Vance Dentistry...
a high tech difference with a hometown feel.
When you call our office you'll speak to a real person
without the hassle of a phone tree.

Implant to Crown Services
Implant placement, abutment and
crown all in one office!

Frustrated with your dentures?
Consider dental implants to secure them.
Read this testimonial from one of our denture patients:

"I’ve had my implants for several years now and I highly recommend them. I was only able to support two implants on my lower jaw because of the lack of remaining bone. Even with just two, it’s such an improvement. I have two posts anchored to my lower jaw that connect to my dentures with rubber grommets. The dentures snap in and are held in place by the grommets that fit over the posts. Before I had the procedure, I used denture cream to hold them in place and it was always a gooey mess. During a meal, I would generally have to excuse myself at least once, go to the restroom, take them out, clean them and re-apply the cream; an extreme hassle. Now I usually take them out one time before bed, clean them, and snap them in again.


You can expect needed adjustments from time to time; but overall, I would definitely recommend the procedure. I’m rather used to them now, but when I first got them, I remember how amazed I was at the difference; I could actually enjoy eating again!"


~Steven W.



**Our cover photo is of The Stonelick Covered Bridge located on Stonelick-Williams Corner Road in rural Clermont County, Ohio.   

"Efficient, friendly and caring staff. Excellent facility. Quality care..."

"Our entire family sees Dr. Vance. He is caring with both adults and children. Dr. Vance also has a family of highly dedicated..."

"Dr. Brian Vance and his staff have been an excellent foundation for the dental health of our family."

"THIS is a great dental office! I am most impressed with the skills and precision of Dr. Vance..."

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